Agua Pour Favor International Project in Tijuana, Mexico


Our project in Tijuana, Mexico is not EWB USA affiliated and was introduced to us through Global Ties, another group at UC San Diego. This project works to provide a cheaper, more consistent source of clean water to an orphanage in the city of Tijuana. They have recently also been developing a mentorship program to the youth with the goal of creating a compost garden as an activity.

The orphanage, Casa de Hogar Maria Inmaculada, currently buys their water from a local water treatment plant, spending hundreds of dollars worth monthly on 5000 L of water, which must be rationed amongst more than 50 people per month. To put that in perspective, in the same timeframe the average American uses twice the total usage of the entire 50 person orphanage. Local and free sources of water, such as tap water, cannot be consumed due to bacterial contamination, high lead concentrations from the piping, and high pH. The EWB-UC San Diego Tijuana team researched methods to remove lead and bacteria as well as decrease the pH of the water. Currently, the team has purchased, prototyped and tested the best water filtration system. We plan to install as soon as the pandemic safely ends and borders open up.

How you can help...

One of the biggest challenges that the Tijuana project team is facing is finding funding resources to finish the project. If you are able to, please consider donating to the project by visiting the "Donate" page on the website.

If you are interested in using some of your engineering skills to help complete this project, please consider filling out the sign-up form to get more information on when and where to attend meetings. In addition, feel free to tell your friends about the project and enourage them to join too!

Laying the Pipes

The project members did a lot of hard work in Roger's Garden that consisted of digging the trenches and laying down the pipes for their system.

Filtration System

The Tijuana team is working on creating a simple water filtration system that can be installed at the project site and be easily maintained by the community.

The Finishing Touches

The team finished up laying the pipes and digging the trenches. They are working on finalizing their system for implementation in Mexico.