EWB Quarterly Projects Fall 2020

Sustainable PPE, Data Analysis & Visualization during COVID


Welcome to Quarterly Projects for Fall 2020! For this quarter, there will be two potential projects that you and your partner/team can participate in:

1. Sustainable PPE

2. Data Analysis & Visualization.

These projects are aimed at contributing to the COVID pandemic and learning/improving technical skills, such as CAD and programming. You and your team may choose to work on only one project or both!

This research effort is divided into four sub-teams that combine various and unique focuses toward our common goal. One group focuses on developing a smartphone app that allows photogrammetry technology to turn a scan of a residual limb into a 3D model of a socket, whereas the other teams are working on socket design, and mechanical validation of the 3D printed prosthetic foot and transtibial prosthesis.

Project Details

- These projects can be done fully remotely, but if you would like to come up with a physical product for the Sustainable PPE project that is great too!

- These projects can be in partners or teams of up to 4 people.

How can my team/my partner and I work together simultaneously if we are in separate places?

You can create a Zoom meeting and one person can share their screen. The other people can follow along and also make changes with their keyboard/mouse if the person sharing the screen clicks the “Remote Control” option (see screenshot below for how to do this).

This is a great option if you want to work simultaneously on a particular software!