EWB Outreach

We are committed to addressing inequality across borders, starting with the divisions within our own community. There are significant gaps in access to basic necessities even here in San Diego.

To give back, we mentor younger students with our Hoover High Collaboration and Tailored Tutoring Program. We aim to prepare the next generation for higher education, equipping them with the skills and confidence to achieve ambitious goals, academic and beyond

About the Hoover High Collaboration

We are initiating a partnership with Herbert Hoover High School to offer mentorship and support for their students addressing homelessness and local food insecurity. These high schoolers are doing work which truly inspires us, and as part of their multi-faceted approach will be working with Habitat for Humanity and Humble Designs to design and construct furniture for the recently-homed.

The outreach project is a collaboration with Engineers for a Sustainable World, Engineering World Health, HKN (IEEE Engineering Honor Society), Tau Beta Pi (Engineering Honor Society), and SHPE (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers).

About Tailored Tutoring with Online Assist

Some of the biggest obstacles we’ve encountered in providing real time tutoring services have been scheduling, travel, and tutor turnover. To address these obstacles, we are working on developing an application that will identify a tutee’s weakest topics and effectively match them with a tutor. This will supplement existing online tutoring programs, such as Khan Academy.

The Online Assist Application will allow tutees to engage in live teaching sessions with tutors from UC San Diego, feature a dedicated calendar system to allow efficient scheduling, and show tutors the specific areas that their students need help with. By targeting the earliest weak points in a student’s understanding, we hope to prevent them from falling further behind with maximum efficiency on our end.

Building a bedframe at Hoover High!

The Tailored Tutoring Team!

The students at Hoover high teaching us how to use their woodshop tools!