A borehole construction project in Kachieng, Kenya.


Our water filtration project in Kachieng, Kenya is an Engineers Without Borders USA sanctioned project. This effort aims to provide a local, clean source of water to a community in rural Kenya. The community has requested our help to drill a borehole and install a pump and kiosk, which will cost an estimated $35,000, not including travel for pre-assessment and implementation. This water station will be their primary source of drinking, cooking, and sanitary water supplies.

We plan to drill a borehole by partnering with a local drilling company and government agency to obtain the necessary equipment, permits, and additional expertise. Further collaboration with an NGO and local community leaders will be used to gain insight on local culture, lifestyle, and community dynamics to ensure that our project both respects the wishes of local residents and provides long term assistance to the community.

How you can help...

If you are interested in using some of your engineering skills to help complete this project, please consider filling out the sign-up form to get more information on when and where to attend meetings. In addition, feel free to tell your friends about the project and encourage them to join too!


Project Kachieng is lead by Diya Thomas. If you are interested in joining the project, please fill out the sign-up form by clicking the link below.

Pre-Assessment Trip

The Kachieng team recently travelled to Kenya during Spring Break of 2019 to establish the feasibility of the project. Click here to see a summary of the trip.

Prototyping at Roger's Garden

The team has been prototyping a water-container cleaning station where members of the community can clean their containers which get contaminated over time.

Hygiene Education

An important aspect of the project is creating hygiene education programs that can increase awareness on issues from Menstrual Hygiene to Handwashing. The team has been working on creating these campaigns and hopes to implement them during future trips.