Who are we?

As an international humanitarian organization, EWB at UC San Diego is committed to building cultural bridges and recognizes the necessity to understand the needs and values of the communities we work with. We work to break down biases and misconceptions about these communities and work directly with community members to ensure that our aid meshes seamlessly with local cultures and mindsets. Engineers Without Borders at UC San Diego believes in sustainable global development, and we work hard to ensure that communities are empowered to maintain proper use of our work after we leave.

We recognize climate change as one of the greatest threats to the future quality of life on this planet, the consequences of which often disproportionately affect those in developing countries who contribute the least share of pollution. Therefore, environmental sustainability is a key consideration in all of our project decisions.

As a pre-professional student organization, EWB at UC San Diego fosters the growth of our members by providing them with the real-life project experience, technical skills, and international mindset that prepares them to become true global citizens after their time at UC San Diego.