Project FogCatcher

Research & Development Project Based in San Diego


Project Fogcatcher, our newest non-EWB USA affiliated research project for EWB at UC San Diego, is also working to tackle the problem of water insecurity. When picturing areas in drought, we usually imagine vast deserts with flat terrain and extremely hot temperatures. However, there are people who live in regions of the world that do not fit this image, yet still struggle to access water resources. Fog deserts are regions with high amounts of fog yet little rainfall - typically by the ocean or in mountain ranges. For the people who live in these regions, gaining access to liquid water for drinking and agriculture can be a difficult task.

Project FogCatcher aims to design and implement a fog catcher that can convert the small aerial droplets in fog into fresh water. Project members determine the most effective design by making small-scale prototypes and communicating with experts familiar with fog-catching technology.

How you can help...

If you are interested in using some of your engineering skills to help complete this project, please consider filling out the sign-up form to get more information. All majors are welcome.


Project Fogcatcher is lead by Po-hsuan Chang and Shalinhi Sivaram. If you are interested in joining the project, please fill out the sign-up form by clicking the button below.

Project Social

In Winter Quarter of 2020, Project FogCatcher made pancakes together. Pictured here are previous project leads, Aoife and Nathan, and other team members!

Early Prototype

In the picture above, you can see one of the first prototypes of the fog catcher! The leads used Raschel mesh and PVC pipe for the prototype.

EnVisioning Fog

Here, you can see Project FogCatcher members hard at work in the EnVision Arts and Engineering Maker Studio!