Civic Engagement

This is the beginning of a persistent, active fight against injustice from EWB.

Black Lives Matter

In addition, to support the ongoing fight for the Black Lives Matter Movement, our organization partnered with a company to obtain a 2-1 match for donations. With the help of this corporate donor, we raised $4476 for BLM, NAACP, ACLU, and When We All Vote.

We also distributed unused funds to our partner community in Kachieng, Kenya, as well as UCSD resource centers, including the Triton Food Pantry, the Black Resource Center, and the LGBT+ Resource Center.

EWBuddies (Penpal Program)

The USPS is in danger of being privatized. Less funding for USPS will result in larger difficulty for them to perform their services. Mail prices will rise, which can result in marginalized, low-income communities losing equal access to postal service and over 70 million rural Americans will have reduced postal services. Around 52% of Americans receive medication by mail and 18% pay bills by mail.

In order to support the USPS, EWB created a penpal program to faciliate stamp and USPS product purchases. This is an ongoing program that also serves to connect our members and officers together during these times when we are socially distanced.


EWB created a program to encourage voter registration within the organization, as well as within our partner orgs.

We all have a voice in our communities, and voting is one of the best ways to exercise that voice. EWB encouraged its members to register to vote through a program called EWBallot. This program is designed to encourage voter registration and education, while giving a prize to the organization that registers the most voters. Our voices matter and we all have a right to be heard. These resources serve for all future elections as well.

Black Lives Matter Donations

Our voter registration challenge!

USPS Awareness & Penpal Program