Research & Development

Have a humanitarian cause you’re passionate about? Want to find solutions to problems around you? Make a difference in peoples’ lives?

R&D is just the right place for you!

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As a member, you get access to a community committed to helping people and making a difference, just like you. It is a platform for you to develop practical solutions through collaboration and research. A chance to get your creative juices flowing and at the same time, determine the feasibility of your ideas.

It is going to consist of regular meetings that will allow the members to work on potential project ideas. From recognizing problems and brainstorming to final approval presentations, R&D is going to be an intense ride. So join the team and bring your idea to life!

Project Details

Week 2 : First meeting (Introduction and ice breakers) - Friday

Week 3 : Bring in EWB members to talk to the group. Give the group the first question and checklist.

Weeks 4-8 : Weekly challenges/questions from different problem areas to allow the group to brainstorm and research solutions. Compile the ideas put forth each week and vote for the top 2 based on a checklist. The checklist will be similar each week. A couple of points may vary with each topic.

Week 9 : Discuss what a project proposal should look like and thus filter through the top 10 ideas from the previous weeks. Vote for ideas the group wants to take to the next step.

How will R&D benefit the students/members involved?

- Access to EWB workshops and project leads that can help with the development of ideas

- Ability to work with other engineers on R&D

- Nothing in person, but a lot of chances to learn

- Potential to develop physical project (once COVID restrictions ease)

Making models using CAD!

Learning how to code an Arduino!

Egg drop designs!