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About EWB

Projects consist of design and construction in developing communities around the world.

Engineers without Borders-USA (EWB) is an international non-profit humanitarian organization established to partner with developing communities worldwide in order to improve their quality of life. This partnership involves implementation of environmentally and economically sustainable engineering projects, while training internationally responsible engineering professionals.

Our vision is a world where all people have access to adequate sanitation, safe drinking water, and the resources to meet other self-identified engineering and economic development needs.

Our membership includes students collaborating from ALL MAJORS (Environmental Systems, International Studies, Economics, Language Studies, etc...). Through our projects and programs students have the opportunity to expand their professional network, as well as work with professors from multiple academic departments. Moreover, our network also includes other San Diego EWB student chapters, both professional and student.

Our passion is making a difference. We are the emerging leaders on your campus, in your office, within your community. We are your neighbor, your loved ones, or maybe even yourself.

EWB-UCSD is a project-based humanitarian organization. Our structure offers engineering and informational services to the community that seeks our services. We are currently focusing on ONE international project, domestic projects, and research projects as well. The elements of our projects include: humanitarian, sustainability, community involvement, and professional development.

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Projects consist of design and construction in developing communities around the world. There is great need in areas, ranging from renewable energy to clean water, to sustainable enterprise development. Project participants are asked to promote high engineering standards by following the American Society of Civil Engineers' Code of Ethics. There are also many non-engineering aspects to projects, and they incorporate volunteers with backgrounds in business, journalism, health, education and much more.

If you want to develop a project with us, please use our contact form.


Domestic project


Learning Opportunity


Domestic project


EWB is open to all students of all majors.


Engineers Without Borders (EWB) is comprised of innovative thinkers who want come together and use their technical skills - be it networking, fund raising, engineering, or other discipline - by helping communities around the world or in our own backyard. As developing professionals, EWB-UCSD members focus on project development while handling classes and other extracurricular activities. Nevertheless, EWB-UCSD aims to be a constructive group through connections with EWB-UCSD alumina, EWB professional chapters, and faculty on campus to create positive humanitarian engineering solutions. 

Our officer board works to maintain these connections, and enrich member experience through professional networking, exposure to team work, and project management. Through organizing events, building lifelong friendships, and being transparent as much as possible in our development and progress to give members the opportunity to take charge and be recognized for their own individual talents.

If you are interested in these values and/or what EWB's projects bring, then the benefits of membership are really defined by you, and your involvement. 

Chapter Fees

To sustain the chapter fees that are due every November, EWB-UCSD charges a membership fee in order to keep existing as an EWB student branch, as well as a UCSD student organization. Moreover, any remaining capital goes directly to meet projects' material demands, fund social events, and schedule professional development events to enhance the EWB member experience. Let's build EWB-UCSD together!!!

There are two options for membership fees:
- $20 for an academic year (2015-2016)
- $10 for a quarter  

Benefits for Official EWB-UCSD Members

- Discounts on EWB-UCSD merchandise & goodies
- Priority registration in workshops, seminars, social and professional events 
- Scholarships & Grant opportunities through EWB-USA
- Personal contribution in keeping the EWB-UCSD chapter running and in turn helping the communities we work with

Payment Method

1. Project Meetings - If you are a part of a project, then when you are at your respective project meeting inform your project lead about your interest. They can accept payment and notify the officer in charge of membership details.
2. Appointment - Contact ewb.ucsd@gmail.com
or leave a message in the contact us tab above. We'll set up a meeting place with you and one of the officers. 
3. General Board Meetings - During each academic quarter, EWB-UCSD hosts two general meetings for both members and non-members alike to update project statuses, give important announcements, etc... Officers will be present, and as such will be available to receive payment. 

You can also pay via Venmo to the account EWB-UCSD!


Ali Ismail


Mechanical Engineering '17

Jackie First


Environmental Engineering '17

Gabe Maze-Rogers

Vice President

Computer Science '17

Heidy Vega

Vice President

Nanoengineering '16

Edward Lan

Events Coordinator

Mechanical Engineering '17

Abby Gallegos

Events Coordinator

Bioengineering '16

Jessica Jeon


Chemical Engineering '17

Andy Borzone


Electrical Engineering '17

Project Leads

John Miller


Chemical Engineering '17

Ashwin Kannan


Electrical Engineering '16

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